Jimbo Fisher knows he’s not a nice man on the practice field. He’s not supposed to be. The Florida State head coach is paid to win football games. Lots of football games. And being buddy-buddy with his players is the absolute least of his concerns. If you doubt that, just stand outside the 10-foot-wall surrounding the FSU practice fields sometimes. You can’t see what’s going on inside the fortress but you can listen to it: Fisher’s relentless shouting echoes all over that part of campus like a bell being tolled. That’s the way it’s been ever since he got here, even when he was just the offensive coordinator. It’s constant, it’s loud and it’s sometimes mean. Which is why I was so startled by a comment Fisher made during his press conference after Saturday’s Garnet & Gold game. “I was hell this spring,” he said. “I was never happy. I was pushing, because if you don’t now, you have to get across what you’re trying to sell right now. The parity of this game is too great, who can mentally and physically handle the mental strains and toughness are the guy that persevere and come out on top.” When he said this my first reactions was, “Wow, so he was holding back before?” After the interview session was over I talked to Fisher for a minute as he was walking to his office. Because I really was intrigued by the “I was hell” comment.