Shortly after LeBron James scored the final 13 points in the fourth quarter Saturday night, holding off the feisty Memphis Grizzlies, Cleveland Cavaliers backup center Channing Frye said his teammate isn't even in peak form. "Well everyone was talking like, 'Hey, this is not Playoff LeBron.' Usually LeBron gives you about 60 percent. He's about 80 percent LeBron and it's looking effortless so pretty scary," Frye said. "This is 80 percent engagement. He's engaged on offense and defense. Tonight he didn't have a lot of rebounds, but every night almost has a triple-double, he's shooting the ball well, he's seeing the game a lot better, he's diverting to his teammates and that's pretty scary. "He adjusted today. They were double-teaming from the bottom so he moved to the elbow. Once he starts adjusting then he starts getting the ball screen-and-roll. You're seeing post-up passing LeBron, post-up scoring LeBron, shooting 3's LeBron. There's a lot of different aspects of that. So when I say 80 percent I just mean that it's engagement every single game." James has learned to pace himself over the years, focusing on the big picture while trying to gear up for the postseason. He has talked numerous times about the arduous 82-game schedule being a marathon, not a sprint. It's clear James cranks it up to another level when the playoffs arrive. But 80 percent James in the regular season is still better than most. On Saturday, he scored 34 points on 13-of-22 from the field and 0-of-3 from 3-point range. He made all eight of his free throws and dished out 12 assists while grabbing a pair of rebounds, helping the Cavs extend the winning streak to 11 games with hard-fought 116-111 win. After pouring in 15 points in the final period, James upped his league-leading crunchtime scoring average to 9.6.