The Arizona Cardinals haven't made the playoffs since drafting Kyler Murray first overall in 2019, and the young quarterback is tired of missing out on the NFL postseason after enjoying consistent success in his formative years.

"Emotionally, (last season) was definitely frustrating, especially for a guy like me," Murray said, according to team writer Darren Urban. "I want to win. Not going to the playoffs is weird for me. I know it's the NFL, and I haven't been yet, but … I've always played past the regular season in every sport. It's different. I am definitely not looking to get used to that.

"It's definitely upsetting - lot of anger and (frustration) when you are losing those games you think you should win. At the same time, I'm a self-motivated guy. I take all that as motivation."

Arizona started the 2020 season brightly, sitting tied atop the NFC West after winning six of its first nine games. But the Cardinals only won two of their next six contests and missed the playoffs after failing to beat the Los Angeles Rams in Week 17.