Shawn Horcoff would do just about anything to change his horrible run of luck around the net this season. The Edmonton Oilers captain swears he hasn't gone on GoogleMaps to find different routes to get to Rexall Place. He said he hasn't dug into his closet to look for the suit he wore on his wedding day. And he hasn't called his family back in B.C. to see if there any sticks lying around from his midget days. "I'm too old for that sort of stuff. I'd have changed everything before," said the 33-year-old centre, laughing. "Drive another way to the rink? I'm never going for that. I want to get here quick, get home quick and relax. Changing your routine? That's not the problem. Slumps are going to happen. Most times, it's a product of your mindset, not being confident in the scoring areas. Lots of guys go through it. You change your stick and it's this peace of mind. It calms you a bit. But I'm not changing sticks."