No Miami Miracle for Kenyan Drake this time around against the Patriots.

More like Miami Malaise.

And no way Drake wants what’s gone on the first two weeks of this Dolphins season to continue.

He’s unhappy with his role on the team, multiple sources tell the Miami Herald, but that’s nothing new. Drake was grumpy with his usage under Adam Gase too.

But now that Miami is embarrassingly bad — they’ve been outscored 102-10 the first two weeks after Sunday’s shellacking by the Patriots — his threshold for irritation is surely much lower.

So what if the Dolphins give him a change of scenery?

Fox Sports reported before Sunday’s game that the Dolphins have had “trade talks with teams this week.” A club source tells the Herald that’s not accurate, and that Drake has not requested a trade like Minkah Fitzpatrick has.

After Sunday’s 43-0 mauling by the Patriots, the organization told Drake that report was inaccurate.

“I don’t know anything about the validity of that and I’m going to continue to show up every day to do my job,” Drake said, without answering any followups on the report.

Does he want to remain a Miami Dolphin?