During his weekly news conference Wednesday New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked about the importance of sustaining drives against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday and his response reflected his overall frustration with the unit's production. “I think we’ll try to put together any drive at this point to score points -- long short it doesn’t matter. We have to score touchdowns” he said. The usually high-scoring Patriots are in unfamiliar territory averaging just 19 points per game which ranks them 24th in the NFL. Last year the offense averaged 34.8 points per game the top mark in the NFL. Brady said earlier this week on sports radio WEEI that “we have to start making the plays that NFL players make.” He expounded on those remarks Wednesday. “You know it when you see it; it’s executing at a very high level on a consistent basis especially in critical situations” he said. “When you play good teams good defenses the windows are small the throws are tight the catches are tight and you have to be at your best. We haven’t done a great job of that this year. We haven’t scored as many points as we’re capable for a number of reasons.” The return of tight end Rob Gronkowski reportedly this Sunday could help. But Brady isn’t riding the emotional roller-coaster on Gronkowski’s status. “We’ve kind of talked about it a lot the last five weeks. If he’s there he’s there. If he’s not he’s not. We’re going to try to go win anyway” he said. “I’m just kind of waiting like everyone else. Whenever it is it is. We’re 4-1. We’ve won four games without him. If he’s not there this week we have to try to go to 5-1 anyways. So hopefully when he does get back out there we’ll be more productive.”