The majority of Sixers talk before opening night against the Denver Nuggets revolved around what sort of reception Andre Iguodala would be welcomed with for his first game "back" (never really left) in Philadelphia as a member of the opposing team. While I think it's silly and irrational to actually debate (and it'd only happen with Philadelphia because of national media) how a player is greeted (or not), there seems to be, at least in my mind, a misperception on where the fans stood with Dre last night at the Wells Fargo Center. I, along with Dave and possibly Roy (going on what Mike wrote earlier), were in attendance for the Sixers 2012-2013 opener. I came in fully prepared for the majority of the crowd to layeth the smack down, if you will, on Iguodala once he was introduced during the starting line-ups and even possibly for the video tribute early in the first quarter. To my suprise, it seemed like a 55/45 (scale heavier towards cheering side) split in regards to feelings towards Andre during player introuctions. A little more than half the crowd would embrace Andre for what he was, the others bitter about him having opinions and feelings that they didn't like or not being the player they wanted or expected him to be.