The Phillies don’t have to deal with Giancarlo Stanton in their current four-game series against the Miami Marlins, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t on the minds of club officials. According to a major-league executive with knowledge of the situation, the Phillies over the last several months have made “multiple” inquiries to the Marlins about Stanton’s availability in a trade. The Phils, like every other team salivating over the 23-year-old slugger, have been told he’s not available. The feeling around baseball is that Stanton could become available at some point and the Phils have let it be known they want to speak with the Marlins when and if they decide to move the young, power-hitting rightfielder. Stanton is the most talented player on a Marlins’ roster that was gutted in a fire sale over the winter. He is making $537,000 this year, but his salary will jump significantly as he becomes eligible for salary arbitration in the coming offseason. Stanton is not eligible for free agency until after the 2016 season. The Phillies view Stanton as a player that would provide power and youth in a much-needed outfield upgrade. It would take several top prospects to get Stanton. That would be a problem for the Phillies, who do not have a deep farm system. Close-to-major-league-ready pitching (Jesse Biddle, Adam Morgan, Jonathan Pettibone) is the Phillies’ strength, but the team could be reluctant to move too much of that supply as the core of its big-league pitching staff gets older. Other clubs are deeper in young talent and would have a better shot of landing Stanton, but the Phillies, desperate for productive outfield help, will (and have tried) to put a package together for Stanton.