A lot of reaction after Miami’s 103-102 overtime victory over the Pacers Wednesday night in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. Let’s get to it: • Adrian Wojnarowski of yahoosports! writes that Roy Hibbert says he won’t be silent in such a crucial situation again. Hibbert was on the bench when LeBron James drove the basket for a game-winning layup. "I've grown as a player, this is my fifth year and maybe I need to start talking up more," Hibbert said. "They pay me [max-contract money] for a reason. I didn't say anything, and I wish I did. From now on, I need to speak up." • Ken Berger of CBS Sports says pointing fingers about who to blame for James’ layup is futile. The Heat are just too good. “By the time this series is over, we'll see the Pacers put themselves in the very same situation again, and we'll see the Heat find different ways to beat them,” Berger writes. • John Schuhmann of NBA.com has this column, although the headline pretty much says it all: Commence the Torching of Frank Vogel. • Greg Cote of the Miami Herald has some kind words for the Pacers -- sort of -- after taking the Heat to the wire in the series opener. “The Indiana Pacers look like a different story, like a team capable of standing up to the reigning NBA champions,” Cote writes. “Not beating them, perhaps — not quite — but standing up to them and making this a tenacious series, an antidote to the anticlimax of the first two.”