Who knows what’s going to happen tonight and over the next week across the NBA?

Chances are, it will be a lot, and the Toronto Raptors could be right in the thick of it.

It all begins with the draft tonight, but the shock waves could fan out in all directions with the league’s free agency period opening just 72 hours later.

In the space of a week the Kyle Lowry era may be over, and the Raptors could have a new franchise cornerstone. The Raptors are hoping to draft one with the No. 4 pick but there is the possibility that Toronto ends up as the landing spot for Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons in a deal between Atlantic Division rivals, with every move sending another set of dominoes tumbling, locally and across the NBA.

The draft takes place in Brooklyn and, while it represents a point of entry into the league for the 60 young athletes who have been working years to make a dream happen, it also marks a point of departure from momentary calm to customary off-season chaos for a league that – collectively – seems to be waiting for something to happen, maybe even something big.

Raptors general manager Bobby Webster is not prone to hyperbole. For professional purposes his preferred expression is 'poker face.'