Derrick Ward who spent time with Giants, Texans and Bucs during his 7-year career is allegedly hard up for money and is scamming his friends. Ward made close to $10 million in his NFL career. A man named Devon Glover wrote this on his Facebook page. WARNING!! Ladies & Gentlemen, PLEEEEEEEEEAASE be alert and steer clear of DERRICK L WARD!!!! (YES, you read it right, the former NFL running back Derrick WARD!) He’s out here taking advantage of people’s kindness and basically robbing us!! Some of us for Little amounts but others for waaaaaaaaaay more!!! If you don’t feel like being apart of the MASSES heed this WARNING and STAY AWAY!! (If he’s already gotten you please feel free to drop the screen shot of the same message he sent EVERYONE!! Smh!!)