The New England Patriots have been able to sustain such a lengthy period of success under Bill Belichick by limiting distractions and putting winning above all else, but is the Hall of Fame coach losing control? For the first time in their 18 years together, talk of a power struggle between Belichick, Tom Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft dominated the headlines for a significant portion of the season. While a lot of that may have been overblown, longtime Patriots reporter Tom E. Curran feels the tension surrounding in New England is unlike anything he has seen since he began covering the team. As Curran describes it, “all of the elements” are in place for a messy divorce in New England. I won’t pretend to know the exact disposition of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, Rob Gronkowski, Josh McDaniels and every other one of the legion of Patriots players, coaches and executives in the mosaic down there. But my perception is that the friction and fatigue were at a record high in 2017. Left unchecked, it will end them as we know them. That may sound dramatic, but few reporters have a better understanding of what goes on in Foxboro than Curran.