Dwight Freeney and Peyton Manning were nearly teammates again in Denver. As Freeney noted Wednesday, Manning helped recruit the pass rusher to visit with the Broncos before Freeney eventually landed with the San Diego Chargers. He would have enjoyed joining forces with Manning again, but it sounds like he'll enjoy facing the QB twice a year even more. "Playing with Peyton for 10 years, him sitting back in practice, he has that five-yard halo, you can't get within 5 yards of Peyton or they're screaming at you, 'saying oh, get away from our quarterback,'" Freeney told the team's official website Wednesday. "So it's finally going to be a great opportunity for me coming up soon to put some hits on him. Might talk a little bit, too." Dwight Freeney sacking Peyton Manning in a Broncos-Chargers game is a strange sentence to write, much less imagine