Adam Schefter reports that Colts free agent K Adam Vinatieri intends to return for the 2018 season. Vinatieri has said he would love to be back with the Colts for the 2018 season, but he understands that he’ll have to see how things play out in the coming months. “I feel like my body is still in good shape, and I can help and contribute to a team,” Vinatieri said, via “So, hopefully it’s here. We’ll see. It’s a business. I understand how all that works, so we’ll see where it goes.” “I’ve been very fortunate to play on two very successful teams, franchises, over 22 years, and I enjoy playing on teams that win games,” Vinatieri added. “So, hopefully we can get back there on this team as well, but that always plays a factor. It’s fun playing in January, February. It’s fun having a chance to play for a championship.” Vinatieri said the Colts and his teammates are like family to him.