OMG!!! Former New York Giants' running back Ahmad Bradshaw said today that he had been "thinking about" the New York Jets as a possible destination. Which, of course, led the Internet to practically explode with 'Bradshaw to the Jets' posts and Twitter talk. Including, I suppose you would be correct to point out, this one right here. Bradshaw to the Jets? How could he? Would he really switch MetLife Stadium locker room and play for Rex Ryan? Sure he would. Right now he doesn't have a job. No NFL player who is free at this time of year is stupid enough to say 'I absolutely won't go there,' limiting his potential employment -- and earnings -- opportunities. This is really a weird time of year for the NFL, for fans and for those of us who write about the league. Technically, the league is closed for business until March 12. That doesn't stop teams from signing guys who weren't on rosters at the end of last season or cutting their own highly-paid veterans. It also doesn't stop the rumor mill.