“Choptober” banners on lightpoles along Hank Aaron Way fluttered sadly in a cool breeze Wednesday hours before what would’ve been Game 5 of the division series at Turner Field had the Braves not blown a late lead Monday at Los Angeles. In his office at Turner Field Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was asked Wednesday what he might have done differently and specifically about his decision not to bring in closer Craig Kimbrel before reliever David Carpenter gave up a decisive two-run homer to Juan Uribe with none out in the eighth inning. He would have done “nothing different really. Other than I wish that ball had gone foul or that he would have swung and missed” Gonzalez said. “Nothing different at all. You feel good about the decision. “You don’t want to ever end the game like that but I’m not second-guessing myself at all on any of those decisions – starting Freddy Garcia or not bringing in Kimbrel for two innings. I wish we could have hit a little bit more with runners in scoring position but I know the guys weren’t trying to get outs they were trying to get some runs in.” He was second-guessed before and during the game about starting journeyman Garcia in a must-win Game 4 but that criticism ceased as the game wore on and Garcia held his own against Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. The second-guessing about the Kimbrel situation? Well that might linger. Video from the game broadcast keeps popping up online showing Kimbrel in the bullpen looking upset after the Uribe home run and apparently – according to a lip-reader that website Deadspin had view the video — saying to bullpen coach Eddie Perez that he’d told Gonzalez that he could pitch the last two innings if the Braves led. Kimbrel didn’t talk to reporters after Monday’s game and wasn’t at Turner Field during the two hours that the Braves clubhouse was open to media Wednesday.