The Toronto Raptors in the last decade have been a very good team, boasting some great players. Fred VanVleet is one of those, he is among the NBA's greatest success stories. VanVleet was undrafted and was given an opportunity by the Raptors. He took it, becoming an NBA champion and signing an $85 million deal with the team in 2020. He has been with the team his whole career, he's quite loyal to Toronto. 

He showed that loyalty in a recent interview as well. Having been through the disappointments with Toronto when they lost to LeBron as well as the heights of a championship with Kawhi, VanVleet has seen it all at the NBA level. And he thinks very highly of the team's biggest prospect, youngster Scottie Barnes. Speaking to Serge Ibaka on his show, VanVleet explained that he wouldn't give up on Barnes even for one of the best players in the game.