Franklin Morales faced the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series as a starting pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, but by the time he made his way to Boston in 2011, he was exclusively a reliever. How he got to be in that role, in short, had a lot to do with how the Rockies handled their young, up-and-coming hurler. (Spoiler: poorly.) One thing that doesn't get much mention, though, is his health. Morales had some shoulder issues while with the Rockies, and though they mostly disappeared over the years, that body part came into the spotlight once more during his return to starting last summer. Morales strained his shoulder in the spring of 2009, after a disappointing 2008 campaign, the blame for which could easily be put at the feet of the Rockies -- Colorado had pushed Morales to stick in the majors as a 22-year-old, despite the fact his stats from both the majors and minors in 2007 screamed that was not wise. The lefty would end up making just 10 starts total, with eight of those coming in the minors, in 2009, as the Rockies moved him to the bullpen. Morales, who just one year prior had been the eighth-ranked prospect in all of baseball, would never start another game for the Rockies.