Despite the Lakers seemingly beginning to turn a corner over the past week as winners of three of their last five games, the heat was turned up on head coach Frank Vogel ahead of Tuesday’s game against the Celtics.

In his pregame press conference, Vogel was asked directly about his job security by Bill Plaschke, a longtime columnist for the LA Times. Here’s the full exchange between the two:

Plaschke: “Do you feel still have the support of management? Are you worried about your job security?”

Vogel: “No, I’m not (worried about job security). And I do, yes.”

Plaschke: “Have you had discussions with them about the future?”

Vogel: “No.”

Plaschke: “Have they given you a vote of confidence?

Vogel: “Nope. We haven’t discussed it. We’re focused on the job. We stay in the moment, focus at the task at hand, try to win the next game, try to get some momentum around our season.”

Plaschke: “Is it fair to put any blame on you?”

Vogel: “It’s not up to me. So, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Really, I’m just focused on the job.”