One of the biggest stories after the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots was the aggressiveness of the Eagles offense. Between the "Philly Special" play-call that became emblematic of their style of play and the fourth-down conversion to Zach Ertz that kept alive what would eventually become the game-winning drive, Doug Pederson and company showed that going for it in advantageous situations can help a team overcome the odds to win -- and win big. Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich played a big role in helping Pederson develop that aggressive style of play, and he plans to bring that philosophy with him to his new job as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. That will be a big change for the Colts, who were one of the least aggressive teams in 2017. Take a look at this chart, via Football Outsiders, which shows how often every NFL coach went for it on fourth down. We've highlighted the Eagles and Colts within the chart to make it easy for you to see the massive differential. As you can see, Pederson was the NFL's most aggressive fourth-down coach, going for it 22 times on 107 opportunities.