South Carolina coach Frank Martin doesn’t mind weighing in on this topic in a rather emphatic way. In a story published on Monday by CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander, Martin made it clear that he sees this discussion in black and white. Martin has grown frustrated with the narrative that college basketball is using kids for financial gain. He believes a finger should be wagged at the NBA for not allowing them to go to work. However, Martin also puts responsibility in the hands of the kids. He offers that it’s the choice of the kids whether they to go to college, and they should honor that commitment. “I’m tired of people saying that, in college basketball, we take advantage of our players to make money,” Martin told CBS Sports. “They need to allow kids, if they want to declare as eighth graders, they should declare. It is what it is. But if they come to college, their choice, not ours, then they need to stay in college. “The rule works in every other sport. I don’t know why it’s such a problem in basketball. I’m against the age limit. I’m against one-and-done. I’m against two-and-done. … That way, whoever wants to be in college, come on. Whoever wants to be a pro with this great D-League and all these two-way contracts, go. Go. Go. They can go and play in front of 150 people.” At the moment, the minimum early-entry age for the NBA draft remains 19 with the player also being at least one year removed from his high school graduating class. That’s produced what has become known as one-and-dones.