Every pitcher likes to progress through spring training at his own pace and Frank Francisco, as a veteran, knows exactly when he has to be ready. "I'm trying to build my arm slowly right now," Francisco said Sunday. "I'm going to take my time and make sure I'm ready for opening day." On that subject, Francisco has asked the Jays brain trust if he can back off the general training schedule that has been mapped out. "We slowed Frankie down today," said manager John Farrell. "The one thing that we have to keep in mind, even though we have a schedule in place for everyone, we can adjust it for individual needs. "Frankie has been a guy who has always started spring training slow and has worked into games at a pace his body responds to. "That's been his history. This is nothing abnormal. I wouldn't even categorize it as precautionary. "Some pitchers just take a little extra time to not only build up the volume but also to build up the intensity." Francisco closed for the Texas Rangers two years ago but was replaced in that role early in 2010 by eventual rookie-of-the-year Neftali Feliz. Francisco helped as a set-up man most of the season but missed all of September and the World Series run in October with a muscle strain in his side.