"I'm a catcher. It's what I do. I catch."

The Pirates' starting catcher spoke those words back in Bradenton, when I asked for maybe the billionth time about his concern over concussions. And the response was no different than the billion times before.

Until this time.

In an extraordinary, emotional conversation at his PNC Park stall Sunday morning, Francisco Cervelli told me he's decided he'll no longer catch. He isn't sure what position he'll play -- he's been taking grounders and fly balls for a few days now -- and he made powerfully clear that the team's management didn't impose or even significantly influence the decision, but he sounded drop-dead serious.

"That's enough," Cervelli said. "This time is different. I can't live like this."

He declined to divulge details of the symptoms of his latest concussion, the sixth on record since he arrived in the majors. He also had several others at different levels of the game, including home plate collisions when those were allowed and being hit in the head by pitches three times.