Whether Fox’s move to acquire rights to Thursday Night Football for the next five years at an estimated rate of $550 million per year is a good one or not may have a whole lot to do with how good the schedule is. TNF has taken a lot of criticism over the past few years for a weaker schedule than most NFL primetime windows, and that’s part of the stock market’s worries about this deal for Fox. But it looks like the schedule issues may potentially change, and the network might even weaken its Sunday window to boost Thursday. Sports Business Journal‘s John Ourand’s predictions for the NFL TV schedule this year include this commentary on Fox. That could be a very big deal. Fox’s late-afternoon Sunday games have long been some of the strongest-drawing NFL windows, especially with their NFC focus and an ability to regularly grab top-drawing teams like the Dallas Cowboys. It’s unlikely all of the big Fox Sunday games will head to Thursday, but the network being interested in moving some of those is a notable revelation and it’s something that could definitely boost the TNF product. That might be crucial for Fox in making TNF viable for the long term.