Sometimes people just hit it off. Best buddies from the start, and it’s undeniable. Such is the case with Bodgan Bogdanovic and De’Aaron Fox. Though the Kings lost to the Phoenix Suns 117-115 Monday night, the synergy between Bogdanovic and Fox as a duo off the bench was impossible to ignore and sure to generate intrigue. Fox scored a season-high 19 and Bogdanovic tallied 12 points in his regular-season debut. The Kings rallied from 22 points down thanks largely due to their contributions from the backcourt. Both are rookies, but neither is a wide-eyed first-year player struggling to find his way. Fox’s basketball intelligence already ranks among the best on the team according to coach Dave Joerger. Bogdanovic is 25, ancient for a rookie, and a veteran of the EuroLeague. And when they are together on the floor, their chemistry is uncanny.