When Evan Fournier's name was announced as Denver's 20th pick of the 2012 NBA draft, many in Nuggets Nation were baffled as the shooting guard from France wasn't a household name. Even though he appeared in 38 games for the Nuggets last season and shot over 40.7 percent from three point land, not many people around the league took notice either. "I knew absolutely nothing about him at all," said Brian Shaw about Fournier. "Being in the Eastern Conference the last two years, I wasn't very familiar with him at all." Surely a division rival at the same position would be familiar with Fournier and know a bit about him. "Not much," said Randy Foye (formerly of the Utah Jazz). "I think the first couple of times we played against Denver he didn't play. He played, I think, the last game [against us], he didn't score much, but you could tell he was a pretty smart player." It's hard to blame Foye for not recalling a game back on April 3rd, 2013 in Utah, but Nuggets fans likely remember it well. Perhaps Foye should have paid attention to a March 29th game the Nuggets played against the Nets where Fournier scored 19 points (a career high at the time) to help the Nuggets get a much needed win. Because Fournier, in Denver's next game, put up 18 points against Foye on 7-9 shooting (1-2 from deep and 3-3 free throws) to help the Nuggets get a huge 113-96 win on the road against the Jazz in their final meeting, while holding Foye to just 7 points on 2-9 shooting. Before that, in three games against Utah, Fournier played just 24 minutes and scored 9 total points. Both Shaw and Foye are taking notice of "Frenchie" or "Air France" (as his teammates call him) now.