Former North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky might have teams fighting over him come NFL draft day, as four teams have reportedly “zeroed in” on him. “At various points in the past week, four NFL evaluators told Yahoo Sports (adamantly) that different teams had zeroed in on Trubisky as their pick,” wrote Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. “One suggested Trubisky would be Cleveland’s choice, another pegged San Francisco and two others insisted Trubisky would end up in Chicago or Buffalo.” Indeed, all four quarterbacks have been linked to at least the notion of being interested in drafting a quarterback at the top of the draft. The Cleveland Browns obviously has the No. 1 pick, and general manager Sashi Brown said Wednesday that the team feels very comfortable about who they’re taking at that pick. The San Francisco 49ers, picking at No. 2, are reportedly “desperate” to move down out of that spot. But in that same report it’s indicated that, if they do have to use that selection rather than trading it away, Trubisky would be their guy.