The calendar has flipped over to March, yet still dozens of free agents remain unsigned with Opening Day four weeks away. At the moment nine of our top 50 free agents remain unsigned, including four of the top nine. There are still plenty of plenty of players available for any team that decides to upgrade its roster in March. The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly one of the teams kicking around the idea of swooping in to sign a free agent, and they've reportedly had "dialogue" with Jake Arrieta. Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn are still unsigned as well. On Thursday,'s Jon Morosi reported the Phillies very well could sign two free-agent starters at some point. Morosi also reports the Phillies have had recent contact with Lynn. As with Arrieta, the two sides aren't close to a deal, but the Phillies have reached out. I imagine they will -- or already have -- touched base with Cobb at some point as well. The market is set up for teams to jump into free agency to get that last minute roster addition in the weeks before Opening Day, and the Phillies are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the market. Here are four reasons Philadelphia should splurge for two free-agent starters, not just one: They have the money The Phillies are a large market team with a relatively new ballpark and a relatively recent World Series win (plus another NL pennant), which pumped up revenue streams in subsequent years. Furthermore, the Phillies have lots of cheap young players on the roster. Here are their contract obligations over the next few years, via Cot's Baseball Contracts: 2018: $63.7 million 2019: $42.4 million 2020: $28.9 million 2021: $10.9 million Most of those 2019-20 dollars are tied up in Carlos Santana and Odubel Herrera. The Phillies do have some notable players coming up on arbitration for the first time next year (Aaron Nola, Vince Velasquez, Jerad Eickhoff, Hector Neris) but even then their salaries will be well-below market value. Rhys Hoskins, J.P. Crawford, Jorge Alfaro, and Nick Williams are all several years away from arbitration. The Phillies have money to spend. The Santana signing this offseason proved it. The team has very few long-term financial commitments and gobs of young talent making peanuts. The Phillies are in position to sign free agents, retain their young players, and still have money left over to spend in the future. They're in a great place financially.