Urban Meyer's disastrous stint as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars has mercifully come to an end after 13 games. As much fun as it is to dunk on Meyer for this complete and utter failure, there is now a football team with an opening at head coach.

It's an attractive one, too, for numerous reasons. The biggest draw, of course, is Trevor Lawrence, who is still brimming with untapped potential even after his mess of a rookie season. It is also helpful that being the guy to come after Urban Meyer comes with the lowest expectations of any potential job opening. He set an awfully, awfully low bar, after all.

So who could take the reins of the franchise after Shad Khan made a mess of it yet again? Here are four possible candidates.


Doug Pederson

Khan's two biggest hires to this point-- Meyer and Tom Coughlin-- were made because the coaches in question had impressive resumes. Khan owns several sports franchises and his son runs AEW. He knows shiny names and big brand recognition draws fans to the stands. So how about a big-name head coach with a Super Bowl resume and a lot of good years left on the clock who is currently unemployed? Enter Doug Pederson, who would be a home-run hire for the Jaguars. Pederson's time with the Eagles ended poorly, mostly due to a deteriorating relationship with the owner and GM, but he is still the man who brought a title to Philadelphia with a backup quarterback. He's a quality offensive coach and knows how to make smart hires around him. The best part about Pederson is that he is a very unremarkable personality who won't make the sheer amount of headlines Urban made in four years at the helm, much less four months. A good, veteran coach with a championship resume. They can't do much better.