They want to tell you about his eyes.

Former University of Washington linebacker Dave Hoffmann laughs as he describes them, big and bulging and actively attempting to escape the man’s skull. When Jim Lambright got angry, Hoffmann says, “his eyes turned 14 different colors. The player in him would come out, and you could see, ‘That’s what Jimmy looked like coming off the ball back in the day.’ ”

Randy Hart, who shared a staff with Lambright for 11 seasons, jokes that “we all knew as coaches, when the eyes got intense and the forehead turned red, you better be getting your work done, because an explosion was coming. He was not going to be denied.”

Lambright — who participated in more games at Washington as a player, assistant coach, defensive coordinator or head coach (386) than any other person in program history — has died at age 77, his family confirmed Sunday. The cause of death was not officially announced, but a UW spokesperson confirmed it was not related to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.