Former Toronto Raptor Danny Green alleges he was robbed on his first night in Vancouver.

In an interview with Harrison Sanford for an episode of their podcast Inside the Green Room, Green said he had just arrived in Vancouver for a youth basketball skills camp tour late last week when the robbery occurred.

Green said he and his tour companions booked an Airbnb that “looked great” in pictures, but when his teammates went to check in, they told him “we gotta change it, it’s old, it looks raggedy, it feels haunted.”

Green said they all went to have a look at the place, leaving two bags in their car.

“We were there 10 minutes ... we go back outside, and pretty much — not robbed of everything — but two book bags gone,” Green told Sanford on the July 9 episode of the podcast.

Green said the two bags that were taken contained “electronics, computers, laptops” as well as registry money from the basketball camp tour. He said he didn’t know if the door had been locked when they left the car unattended.