Suddenly Jonathan Dwyer became a free agent. Something of a surprise release Saturday Dwyer now finds himself in a very marketable positions - especially with two of the Steelers' biggest rivals. The Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens. The question is whether both teams - that have interesting current running back depth charts - can get Dwyer the ball along with the right amount of bucks for his efforts. Clearly Dwyer would be a depth-add on both teams (read: zero chance he starts barring injury). But he'd fit fairly well in both places to say nothing of his knowledge of their enemy. Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Terry Pluto quoted Browns coach Rob Chudzynski Saturday"this is our August 31 roster not necessarily our September 8 roster." The Browns currently have Brandon Jackson as their primary back-up to oft-injured Trent Richardson. With a small fortune in cap space and arguably the thinnest running back depth in the NFL it seems only natural Dwyer would head down the road a few miles where the Browns can pay him handsomely as a back-up and a Steelers' tendencies-decoder. The Ravens kept two fullbacks Vonta Leach and rookie Kyle Juszczyk but only two halfbacks Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. It's not quite the obvious need the Browns have and Dwyer wouldn't likely get much action behind Pierce and Rice - assuming everyone is healthy.