Dominic Moore is set to return to the NHL after sitting out the 2012-'13 season following the passing of his wife Katie who died of liver cancer in January. Moore last suited up for San Jose who acquired the 32-year-old pivot at the 2012 trade deadline in exchange for a second-round draft pick. In 23 regular season games he registered six assists and averaged just under 14 minutes of ice time. Moore recently discussed his decision to step away from hockey last season with acknowledging that it was a difficult choice to make. "Deciding not to play was the right and only thing to do" he said. "I knew if I wasn't going to be able to give it 100 percent of my focus I didn't want to do something halfway and not be all-in. Taking time off was the right thing to do when you don't believe you'll be able to perform up to the standard you expect from yourself. It was the right call to make although it was extremely difficult."