In professional sports, journeyman is a label generally given to players who bounce from team to team and go largely unnoticed by the average fan. To call Warriors' backup point guard Jarrett Jack a journeyman may be a tad misleading. He has played for five teams during his eight-year NBA career, which certainly qualifies him for that distinction. What is interesting about Jack however is that despite beginning just about every stint with a new team in a reserve role he ended up starting a significant amount of games at some point during each stop. Jack began his career in Portland where he started just four games in his first season with the club. The next season, he started all of the 79 games he played. In his third season, he was moved back to a reserve role before being traded to Indiana where he again began his fourth season in the league as a reserve and wound up starting 53 games. The following season, Jack signed with the Raptors -- a fact Raptors fans are well aware of I'm sure -- where became another point guard in a long line of point guards to begin the season as Jose Calderon's backup, yet end up spending time as the starter in his place. Now former Raptors, Calderon chalks up Jack's effectiveness in Toronto -- as well as his other stops in the league -- as a function of his ability to be consistent and do the little things his team needs him to do in order to help them get the win. "He's a complete player," Calderon said. "He can play different positions. He can play one [or] he can play two. He can handle the ball, he can see the ball really well. You can count on him to go out there and do the job you need to. That was the key [for] us, he was a really consistent guy. [He did] the right things, [he] can play defense too - in different positions. He is a kind of all around "whatever-you-need-him-to-do" type player." After spending just over a season with the Raptors, Jack was moved to New Orleans where he backed up Chris Paul for a year and then became the fulltime starter the next season. Jack's ability to work his away into a rotation and then into a starting lineup is something that is rare amongst players that bounce around the league the way he has. This is something that Jack attributes to his ability to lead and put in the necessary amount of hard work. "Just trying to be productive, first and foremost, " Jack said. "I don't think you can do anything unless you play hard. I try to lead by example and vocally. I just let my talent take over after that." Jack's talent certainly has taken over and it was a big reason why he was able to post career highs in points and assists last season.