The Raiders — in Las Vegas? According to a former Raiders player, the late Al Davis was open to the idea. In a story published Friday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, former Raiders quarterback David Humm claimed Davis “would have loved to have moved the Raiders” to Las Vegas, with Humm claiming that Davis “told me that many times.” Davis, who would have turned 85 on Friday, had birthday parties in Las Vegas, and a memorial service for him was held in the city two years ago. In his remarks to the Review-Journal’s Norm Clarke, Humm opined that “there’s no way commissioner Pete Rozelle would have allowed” a Raiders move to Las Vegas “because of the sports books and gambling.” Ah, yes, the gambling. The NFL has never had a franchise in Las Vegas, and the odds probability of a team ever landing in what Danny Ocean dubbed “America’s Playground” is rather low, for the reasons Humm mentioned.