Another former Iowa Hawkeyes football player has spoken out about his negative experiences playing for head coach Kirk Ferentz and his staff.

Akrum Wadley, a Hawkeyes running back from 2014-17, detailed numerous incidents from his Iowa tenure in a lengthy Facebook post on Monday.

"I felt like playing for Iowa Football was a living nightmare," Wadley wrote. "I never drank alcohol prior to going to college, but based on my experience there it became the only thing I could rely on, it seems, and was what I did to cope."

Wadley is the fourth-leading rusher in school history, but he wrote that he and other Black players found they were being unfairly targeted regardless of their on-field accomplishments.

"I remember those that were in my group, which were all Black, transferred. As this was happening, as I was trying my best to deal with this to help my teammates, I was threatened by Kirk Ferentz that my meal card would be taken away and I will not eat nor be able to sit with my teammates during eating sessions."

Wadley said Ferentz followed through on the threat; his meal card was later declined when he tried to use it.