Chris Chambers can rattle off the names of many of the Cleveland Browns from the 1980s in his sleep. While growing up in Bedford, a suburb of Cleveland, he did. "I've always been a Browns fan," said Chambers, who played wide receiver in the NFL for 10 years. "During their heyday, we'd watch the games on TV, and then run outside in the snow pretending to be Webster Slaughter, Bernie Kosar or Ozzie Newsome. The Browns have been down for a few years, but that's about to change." Instrumental in the change, suggests Chambers, is former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner, now the Browns' offensive coordinator under coach Rob Chudzinski. Chambers played two years under Turner at San Diego and two years in Miami when Turner was the offensive coordinator. And since Turner will call the offensive plays for the Browns, Chambers said the Browns' offense will certainly receive a boost. "His offensive philosophy has worked since his days in Dallas with guys like Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman," said Chambers, owner of Chamber Fitness in Davie, Fla. "You have to have great players, but coach Turner's concepts remain the same. Things have changed over the years when it comes to defense, but coach Turner remains successful because he has a good grasp of what he wants out of his offense." And Turner wants an offense with a vertical game. That means a quarterback who can take a seven-step drop and throw deep. Running backs have also benefited from his playcalling: His former running backs won five rushing titles. "It's an offense where receivers and running backs can flourish," said Chambers, a Pro Bowl wide receiver in 2005. "He gets everyone involved with the offense. There's a lot of moving parts. He'll work on things for weeks and months and then pull it out at the right time. And since he isn't the head coach, he'll really be able to dial in."