The teacher needs every bit of a 50-yard classroom. He needs half a football field to work, to move on a still-healing, surgically repaired hip. He needs the room to shuffle, to slide, to try to make things right. He's up, down, on one knee, jumping to his feet, backpedaling here and there. Clapping, spicing in "Yeah, man, that's the one, right there," or maybe "Don't be in a hurry" or "Watch that foot." Collin Klein, Heisman Trophy finalist and NFL draft hopeful, is a more-than-willing student, a hardworking, get-it-done pile of potential who soaks up every word in every workout from a guy who was once part of his Sunday afternoon television lineup. "This is awesome," said Klein, a Loveland native who just finished his career as a Kansas State quarterback. "I saw him play a lot, just an amazing player who did so much for his team. I'm soaking up all he has. He's been a great teacher for me." The teacher, the great teacher? One Jake Plummer. Yes, that free-spirited soul who still holds the Broncos' highest winning percentage for any starting quarterback in the franchise's history but was benched in 2006 so coach Mike Shanahan could play Jay Cutler instead. Plummer is the guy who walked away from pro football, from potential millions, who formally retired just minutes before he played in a handball tournament at the Denver Athletic Club, saying: "Just know I'm going to be fine. I appreciate everyone's support. So, thank you." Yep, that Jake Plummer, the one who now has a bag of coaching gear thrown over his shoulder, a collection of cones, footballs and an iPad to show Klein each throw in each drill. The guy who has been making the commute from Boulder to Centennial at least four times a week to help Klein prepare for this week's NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis as well as Klein's pro day at Kansas State next month. "After taking the time off, the years off, reflecting back on what I was doing, I've had many opportunities to do a lot of different things," Plummer said. "But it's funny how it came to be Collin I'm working with right now. Read more: Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer mentoring prospect Collin Klein - The Denver Post Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: