Arizona Diamondbacks principal owner Ken Kendrick sent former Arizona attorney general Grant Woods a threatening and aggressive email June 19 before Woods was fired from the Phoenix law firm Gallagher & Kennedy, according to a report from Zach Buchanan of The Athletic. 

In the email Woods provided to Buchanan, Kendrick called him "an arrogant assh--e" and said the former AG "should expect a very unfortunate outcome" if the two men met in the future. 

The email read in full:

“Dean Short emailed your comments in the AZ Republic regarding the Dbacks and me. Of course, I don't subscribe to that publication or have any respect for you and your self serving public statements. However, my reaction to your comments is that you are an arrogant assh--e! A truly toxic combination. It is sad that G&K, a quality law firm, has employed you. I suggest that if our paths ever cross, which I hope they won't, you should expect a very unfortunate outcome.

“P.S.  I suspect if my dear friend Mike Kennedy were still with us, he would kick you out of the firm.”