The first Super Bowl I covered was in 1985. It featured two quarterbacks who, at the time, were considered stars of the future. Joe Montana was one. Dan Marino was the other. Montana, who eventually would win four Super Bowls, threw one of the softest balls around. Marino, even at that young age, barely could move from the pocket. Today, I attend my 29th straight Super Bowl. And again, two young quarterbacks are featured. Joe Flacco is one. Colin Kaepernick is the other. Flacco is celebrated for a skill Montana never had: throwing the hardest ball in the game. And Kaepernick's running talent makes Marino look like a tractor. A parked tractor. Let's be honest. The quarterback position is the most scrutinized job in sports -- and it is constantly being reinvented. I think back over the years to one guy after another who represented the next big thing. Montana was "it" because of short pass decision-making. John Elway was "it" because of movement and arm strength. Brett Favre was "it" because of accuracy under pressure. Ben Roethlisberger was "it" because of big body toughness.