The Jets should want to move Darrelle Revis and Revis should want to be moved. There may be a great divide on how much money Revis is worth to a dreary, mediocre football team like the Jets right now, what he might be worth to them in the future. But there ought to be agreement from both sides on this: It makes a lot more sense to move him now, rather than later, if there are good offers on the table. The nightmare for the Jets isn’t that they trade Revis somewhere and he ends up winning the Super Bowl for somebody else. No. The nightmare for the Jets is to maintain this kind of mediocrity, two years after that shining moment against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the playoffs in Foxborough, that they have become, without a single player their fans really want to watch. Please don’t say the player they want to watch is Darrelle Revis, because he’s not, as much of a star defender as he has been at cornerback since he got here from the University of Pittsburgh and founded Revis Island. It really does tell you everything about the Jets, as presently constituted, that their best player — at least before knee surgery — was someone whose primary goal is not to be thrown at, or noticed much. And please don’t act as if the Jets would be trading Lawrence Taylor in his prime, or Ray Lewis. The best cornerbacks who have ever played have never had the impact on a game — or on their teams — as players like that. This isn’t about the way Revis plays the game, his credentials in that area are impeccable. It is about where he plays. But sometimes you listen to the conversation around here about the possibility of losing Revis and you get the idea it would have been like the Lakers trading Kobe in his prime, or the Yankees thinking about moving a young Jeter.