Kevin Garnett pitched his first media shutout of the basketball season on Tuesday proving the old guy can still dart around and evade reporters with the best of them. The newest Net star blew off a slew of reporters after practice in the NBA-quality Krzyzewski practice palace at Duke with the team’s approval — it’s not making KG talk no sir not if he doesn’t want to — and so at least we know not much has changed since he left Boston. Talking is one thing. Playing at a high level for Jason Kidd is another. On that second point there were times last spring when Garnett and his fellow Celtic refugee Paul Pierce looked old and physically spent as the Knicks put an end to their Boston careers. When the Celts didn’t have Rajon Rondo to run the offense and Pierce had to assume some ball-handling duties against a younger more athletic Iman Shumpert it wasn’t a fair fight with Pierce stumbling around. Now if those are the players Billy King traded for then the media crush that was present down here — not on the scale of what Miami had three Octobers ago but still something the Nets have never experienced — will prove to be a colossal waste of time. But on the first day of practice with Coach K looking on intently as Lawrence Frank ran defensive drills Garnett and Pierce looked years younger. “Paul has a bounce in his step that I haven’t seen the last three years” said Jason Terry who also came from Boston to Brooklyn in the draft-day blockbuster. “He looks in phenomenal condition. But the thing is it’s good to look great now but we want to look great in May and June. So how do we maintain that? That’s going to be the challenge for us. But again we’re ahead of the curve.” As the media horde moved from Brook Lopez to Deron Williams KG made his move off the court and right to the locker room. Fifteen minutes later it was Kidd’s turn to speak after his first camp practice. Rather than setting the agenda as the best coaches almost always do Kidd has decided to allow the players to talk first and then he’ll weigh in. So if there’s a message he wants to get across to his team via the media that can’t be conveyed until the next day. But there you have it. Anyway with Kidd surrounded by TV cameras Garnett made his well-calculated move out of the gym dressed in a black hoodie that covered his head and prevented him from making eye contact with inquiring reporters. Earlier they must have had heard Garnett all the way over in Chapel Hill including the time he was arguing to stay out on the court longer during a drill. “That’s when he should have already been off the court 20 minutes earlier” Terry said. “But that’s KG.” That’s one of the many reasons the Nets brought him in. “We’re getting our feet wet building a foundation” Pierce said. “I’m excited to be here excited for the opportunity to play with some other great players. And I’m definitely very very motivated.”