When new Jaguars coach Gus Bradley approached Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about defensive line coach Todd Wash joining him for the same job with the Jaguars, Carroll said no. Carroll had that option because teams can block lateral moves by their coaches. Bradley and Wash, though, didn’t take no for an answer and worked hard to persuade Carroll to change his mind. “When he [Carroll] went from USC to Seattle, he was able to bring some guys that he trusted and believed in,” Wash said. “We talked to Pete and said this is the same thing Gus needs to do, bring the guys that he can trust and gets along with and communicates with. Pete understood as a friend the importance of letting me out of a contract to come here.” Bradley and Wash go back to when they played and coached together at North Dakota State. So Carroll changed his mind, and Wash was on his way to Jacksonville. “Once I knew I was released, the decision was made within 30 seconds of my phone call to Gus. I said I’m coming, and I will meet you there in a week,” he said.