The punishing force of nature that pummeled much of southeast Texas with dozens of inches of rain, flooding and 130 mph winds is almost unfathomable for anyone living outside the area. Roadways and homes simply vanished in the tides, living rooms blended into sewer overflow and lives were turned completely inside out. For NHL defenseman Tyler Myers, the destruction of towns and cities along Texas’ Gulf Coast at the hands of Hurricane Harvey fill him with a particular fright. The hulking Winnipeg Jets blueliner is a native of Houston, a city that can be seen completely underwater on any news channel over the past week. His mother and half-brother are still residents in the city of nearly 2.5 million, which now needs to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. “I’m sure a lot of people are hearing a lot of the same things as me,” Myers told Sporting News when reached by phone last week. “The things I’ve heard from my mom is that they’re stuck in their house and everything is shut down. Outside of that, I’ve seen all the same pictures and videos that everyone else has seen and it’s a pretty scary situation.”