What a summer it’s been for the Atlanta Hawks. It was widely assumed that Hawks were due for a major face lift and the days of NTTH (Never Trust The Hawks) were coming to an end. There were a plethora of items on GM Danny Ferry’s to-do list including hiring a new head coach after letting Larry Drew’s contract expire. Ferry was also faced with the expiring contracts of Josh Smith Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver. Ferry found his man and he knocked it out of the park. Mike Budenholzer 17 year assistant with the Spurs was hired on May 28th to usher Atlanta into a new era. Free agency has come and gone and by now we have all seen heard and read about the job Ferry has done (an excellent one). The last major piece to solidify ended up being the point guard position. Jeff Teague turned down the qualifying offer and became a restricted free agent. Things then turned into Days of Our Lives. Teague reportedly was frustrated by the lack of offers from the Hawks giving the appearance that he has no idea how restricted free agency works. Reports indicated that Jeff had been insulted by the fact that Ferry and the Hawks wanted the market to determine his worth instead of them coming out firing with a contract. During this soap opera rumors were rampant about a possible sign and trade for Brandon Jennings and even the possibility of signing Monta Ellis. Throw in the Mo Williams talk and you have yourself a mini saga. Ultimately the Hawks made the smart move and on July 13th the Hawks matched the 4-year $32 million deal offered by Milwaukee. Jeff Teague is an above average improving point guard. He has seen a rise in all the major statistical categories since entering the league and even posted 14.6 points and 7.2 assists per game last season. There were times where he struggled with consistency but overall it was a strong year for Teague. Now take yourself back to the draft and you’ll find the Hawks drafting 19 year old point guard out of Germany Dennis Schröder. Schröder has received comparisons to the likes of Rajon Rondo and has a really high ceiling. He’s quick and has the vision of a player far beyond his age. He showed off his defensive abilities as well as his speed in the Las Vegas Summer League. Dennis the Menace has created quite a buzz for the Hawks including NBC Sports claiming Schröder to be the steal of the draft. So what does all this mean? Cynics would have you believe that Ferry and Budenholzer will be testing to see if Teague can prove himself and if he fails to do so Schröder is the point guard of the future. Lets all slow down with that talk but just like all fanfare there is some basis in truth to that statement. Schröder has a lot to improve on and he hasn’t stepped foot on an NBA court just yet. He lacks in a steady jumpshot and his small frame could cause some issues against stronger Eastern Conference point guards like Deron Williams.