It’s still unclear when exactly Robert Griffin III will be allowed to rejoin his teammates for team drills. It might come in time for the start of training camp on July 25. But it might not. Until he receives that medical clearance, Griffin’s challenge on the practice field will be both a physical and a mental one. Because in addition to working to regain his form following major knee surgery, the Redskins quarterback also must become intimately familiar with the playbook and how the defense reacts – without taking a single snap. It’s called a “mental rep” and it worked like this during last Thursday’s OTA session: During offense vs. defense drills, Griffin watched intently from the 15-yard line alongside the coaching staff and other reserves. He held a play card in his hand as Kirk Cousins directed the first team. Griffin stood several yards behind Cousins, but was close enough to hear Cousins call the play, audible at the line of scrimmage and identify the defensive alignment. After each play, Griffin initiated a brief discussion with someone, whether it was Cousins, quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur or another member of the coaching staff. He was also quick to give Cousins – or a receiver – a pat on the helmet after a well-executed play. “The mental rep, alright, so basically you know the play, you know what defense you’re going against, you need where you are supposed to be looking, what all of your eligibles are and everything,” Griffin said. “It’s basically paying attention. That’s what a mental rep is.”