And in the eighth minute Mike McCoy planned Saturdays. For the Chargers’ new head coach the devil (and the Lombardi Trophy) is in the details. “The more you can prepare people the better you’re going to be” McCoy said. “When everyone understands what to do how to do it you’ve got a better chance to be successful.” And so three-quarters of the way through what would be a 12-minute post-practice talk on Wednesday afternoon McCoy ran through for his players what Saturdays would be like during the season. And he demands a higher level of neatness in the locker room. And he knows what why and how virtually everyone in football operations is carrying out particular tasks. And he makes sure the folks in the family tent have an unobstructed view of practice. And he stops a two-minute drill to address a specific scenario that may or may not happen. “If I could pick one thing that stands out” said quarterback Philip Rivers now playing for this third head coach in 10 NFL seasons “it is that he has a plan for everything.” So far McCoy is preaching to a congregation of believers though you can’t help but imagine some players flashing back to interminable college lectures during Wednesday’s on-field address. (Honestly Lincoln marked the end of the Civil War in under three minutes. A quick speech at Gettysburg. Just something to keep in mind Mike not that the equality of all people can compare in importance to football.)