So there. The Bruins emerged with a 4-2 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs last night at the Garden, and all is right again in the Boston Sports World, Hockey Division. No, the Bruins didn’t push the Leafs all the way to the Tobin. This victory was workmanlike, not masterful. They scored enough goals to get the two points, but not enough to make a statement. They didn’t make noise. Instead, they made sense — which in this case means playing a mostly consistent 60 minutes of hockey. You all know what happened the last two games. Two straight losses, two straight blown leads in the third period. The Bruins gave up two third-period goals in a 4-3 loss to those floppin’, embellishin’ Montreal Canadiens. Against the Washington Caps, they amassed a 3-0 first-period lead and then pressed the snooze button; when they awakened, they were 4-3 overtime losers. And you might think this is just a fan thing — win a game, regain the mighty mo — but it turns out the Bruins themselves, from coach Claude Julien on down, attached a decided urgency to last night’s game. Julien went so far as to say he didn’t expect art on ice. He just wanted the two freakin’ points, as though a playoff berth were at stake.