The Denver Broncos quarterback situation this offseason has already been a roller coaster ride that it's starting to make fans dizzy. Aaron Rodgers is on the trade block! Now he isn’t. Will the Broncos land the NFL MVP in trade? 

What about Russell Wilson? He wants out of Seattle, so they said. Well, maybe he doesn’t. How about the plethora of free agent/trade candidates that could land in Denver? 

Denver's QB position will remain a sad state of affairs until this situation is solved. The ideal solution will require an elite quarterback in the Mile High City.

The evidence of the news cycle being so hectic is that there are actually fans and analysts who are on board with the Broncos starting Drew Lock in 2022. If this happens in reality, the news couldn’t be worse. 

Rolling with Lock under center would be of the last resort variety and is the worst-case scenario for the Broncos. If Denver is to have success with Lock the entire 2022 season, he would need a history-defying turnaround in his quarterbacking skills.

Let’s be real for a minute. Analysts and fans can cherry-pick a few games or plays to hint at the potential Lock has, but that is all it is, potential. 

Potential without results isn't worth much. The fact is, Lock has been a terrible quarterback when given the reigns. This is not hyperbole.