Philadelphia's Cole Hamels and the Angels' Jered Weaver were born a year apart, Hamels in San Diego and Weaver in Northridge. Each made his major league debut in May 2006. The career numbers are strikingly similar. Hamels has pitched 1,194 innings, Weaver 1,176. Hamels is 77-55 with a 3.38 earned-run average, 297 walks and 1,127 strikeouts. Weaver is 86-47 with a 3.24 ERA, 315 walks and 1,022 strikeouts. Yet one number will be dramatically different, the number following the dollar sign. Hamels, headed for free agency this fall, is expected to sign for at least $20 million per year. Weaver would have been headed for free agency this fall had he not extended his contract with the Angels for five years, at $17 million per year. If Hamels gets six years at $20 million each, Weaver could have left $35 million on the table — maybe more, given that he has not been on the disabled list in five years. That is what made Weaver's no-hitter last week so special. His mom and dad were there, right behind home plate, just like Little League. His wife was there too, and he had a goofy grin for all of them. "This is awesome," Weaver said after the game. "This is why I stayed here, for you guys." Weaver's agent, Scott Boras, had explained the riches that would await in free agency. Weaver told Boras to get the best deal he could with the Angels, and to get the deal done.